Lovely Lilith – Loving Sis Helps Lil Bro

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Lovely Lilith – Loving Sis Helps Lil Bro

What is it? Why are you blocking the TV? … Wait, is something wrong? You look upset. I’m getting mom– No? Why not? You’re going to tell me what’s bothering you? You want to confess something? Let me guess–you’ve been going through my stuff again, right? No? What is it then? You… You’ve been having sexual fantasies about me? But- I’m your SISTER! Hey– I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you. It’s okay! It’s natural. You’re a guy, and guys can’t help what turns them on, right? You just need to go out and fuck someone to get me out of your system. What? You’re a virgin? Oh my god, no WONDER. How about this, little bro. You’ve been such a sweet brother to me, I’ll do you a huge favor. When mom and dad go to bed tonight, I’ll come in your room and give you a nice surprise. Let’s just say that I’ll be out of your "system" by morning

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